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Lee Brandt, IALD

Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
New York, NY USA
Lee discovered lighting during her studies at Penn State and went on to pursue it as a careerto blend her keen sense of its art and science. Her technical background and strong design and analysis capabilities are assets to her team, and her strong computer skills have her overseeing complicated computer renderings and calculations. Her engineering knowledge enables her to integrate lighting to highlight a project’s main features and design concepts.She is also a leader on sustainable issues and green building and has worked on several prominent LEED projects. Lee joined HLB in 2000 and has managed projects both small and large scale, interior and exterior. As Principal, her strategic role is leading the Teamwork and Talent area of the firm, which involves rewards and recognition of the team and ensuring everyone has the tools to deliver projects and manage client care. She is the New York studio leader, where she manages and mentors multiple project teams.