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G. Ryan Smith

Junior Lighting Designer
Alexandria, VA USA
Ryan began with CM KLING + ASSOCIATES INC in 2012 while he pursued his bachelor’s degree. He joined full-time in 2014 after receiving his Bachelor of Theater and Performance Studies with emphasis in lighting design from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

While at Georgetown, Ryan explored the impact of lighting design on performance, serving as lighting designer for several theatrical and dance productions. His studies focused on the influence of lighting on the mood, spatiotemporal placement, and focus of a performance piece as it is presented to and interacts with a viewer. Additionally, his studies emphasized the ways in which lighting design must both respond to and support a text, a space, and movement through it creatively and appropriately based on the design intentions of a creative team. He served on the board of Nomadic Theatre, one of Georgetown’s student theatre troupes, for three years, where he was a key member of the management team that oversaw the production of the Nomadic Theatre seasons.

He has enjoyed his time with CM KLING and is excited to continue developing as an architectural lighting designer while also continuing his theatrical endeavors.