Luisa Alvarez

Luisa Alvarez is a light artist and lighting designer from Madrid, Spain.

Luisa has years of experience in the field of architectural lighting design, both as a consultant to lighting companies and working in her own Studio. In 2008, Luisa decided to conquer urban spaces with light in a way different from usual illumination work. The main intent was to create experiences that surprise passers-by and create a new atmosphere by changing an existing environment with light.

Since 2007, Luisa has also published a blog (visit www.elogiodelasombra.es), a virtual space dedicated to everything of interest in relation to light, including but not limited to lighting technology, design and art. In 2007, she wrote a paper on Temporary Urban Light Installations for ETSAM (Architectural University of Madrid).

In 2010, Luisa was awarded a LAMP Lighting Solutions award in the Urban and Landscape Lighting category for the installations “Verde” and “Injertos Lumínicos Verdes” in Barcelona and Madrid.